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Akij group has installed a state of the art BOPP film line from Bruckner, Germany and Slitters from ATLAS,UK, a Metalizer from BOBST,UK and modern packaging system from Bonfanti, Italy.Capability of the equipment compares with the most modern such facilities available in any part of theworld including West Europe,USA,Japan,China,India and Korea.Bruckner is the leading manufacturer of film stretching equipment with a market share of nearly 50% of the global film production. BOPP is the main component of the barrier, wide range of sealing and low coefficient of friction film in the ever growing flexible packaging industry.

ATLAS CW1040 Primary slitter operates as high speed as 1000 mpm producing good quality rolls with accuracy +/-1 mm and mirror finish edge, consistent roll hardness and meets the required rewind rolls quality specifications. Films can be supplied in any lengths or any predefined width(300mm-2800mm) and diameters 1200mm(Max).

ATLAS CW 800 Secondary slitter is a versatile machine can slit and rewind various type of films from Primary slitter and is optimized to slit and is optimized to slit metalized film while maintaining its surface characteristics and can run at a speed of 1000 mpm.

ATLAS CW 500 is a customized slitter exclusively for tobacco film which can run at 400 mpm and can produce high quality rewind rools width ranging from 90mm-425mm.

BOBST Metalizer is one of the leading manufacturers and can offer metalized films of any specification required by most demanding customers any where in the world .We have K5 EXPERT which can deliver products of optical density more than 3.0 Fiver times more metal adhesion value by AluBond process.

This world class equipment is supported by component and technically quality engineers to deliver world class product to satisfy any needs of customers anywhere in the world.

AKIJ BIAX offers all varieties of BOPP films in the range 0f 12 to 60 micron (TDS-Technical Data sheet)

About Akij Group

Akij Group stretches back to later part of the forties. In its infancy, the Group started in humble way with jute trading which was known as the golden fiber of the country, earning highest amount of foreign exchange.
Akij Group’s ceaseless efforts with dynamic management and support from our numerous clients have led our Group in diversifying its business activities. In the second phase, the Group went into manufacturing handmade cigarettes popularly known as bidis. This sector gave a real boost to the revenue earning of the Group as well as making a substantial contribution to government exchequer.

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